Pension advice and support to works councils


Captat is a pension consulting firm that specializes in advising and supporting works councils.

Next to salary, the pension plan is often the most important financial condition of employment. Not for nothing that the works council has an important role in the creation or modification of the pension plan. This places a heavy responsibility on the shoulders of the works council. But pensions are a complex subject. Not only do all the legal rules make it complex, but also the correct interpretation of the figures and calculations are often not everyday fare for works council members. Fortunately, the works council is legally entitled to its own advisor, who stands up for the interests of the works council and the employees.

For a works council to properly fulfill its role with regard to pension plans, it must be aware - at least in outline form - of the relevant laws and regulations. And these are particularly in flux now. On July 1, 2023, the 'Wet Toekomst Pensioenen'  (Future of Pensions Act) came into effect: a fundamental change to our pension system in the Netherlands. As a result, all pension plans in the Netherlands must be adjusted. This job must be completed by the end of 2027 at the latest. That seems a long way off, but the works council needs to act now!

Captat is happy to stand beside the works council. Whether that's for a basic pension course, an in-depth discussion of the new pension system, negotiating with the employer on behalf of the works council, assessing a request for consent to change the pension plan or drafting letters of advice or consent: we have the experience and we're happy to do it!

Captat's strength is that we make complicated pension matters understandable to the works council. So that they can make an informed decision. We are easily accessible, flexible, creative and can respond quickly and adequately.

Pension legal consultancy


In pension legal issues, Captat takes a practical result-oriented approach.

In addition to consumers, lawyers, attorneys and legal expenses insurers also use the knowledge and experience of Captat's consultants. Our many years of experience with pension schemes means that we have seen and assessed many diverse situations. With this experience, we seek a quick and practical solution, while not shying away from creativity and out-of-the-box thinking.

Pension education and training


Captat provides pension education and training for works councils, HRM- and PZ-employees and for fellow (pension) consultants.

We find it important that you can immediately apply the knowledge from our courses and trainings in practice. In addition to the substantive knowledge, we therefore work with many practical examples. For example, for works councils and HRM and PZ employees, the company's own pension plan is always part of the training course.

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